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Wasabi Power Dual USB Battery Charger for Samsung EB-BC200 and Samsung Gear 360

  • $10.99

  • Fully charges two batteries simultaneuously; Compatible with the Samsung Gear 360 camera (SM-C200) and Samsung EB-BC200 battery
  • Compatible with Samsung Gear 360, SM-C200, SM-C200NZWAXAC, SM-C200NZWAXAR, MSIP-CMM-SEC-SMC200
  • Allows for universal power from a miniUSB or microUSB source; Smart charging LED indicates when charging is complete and prevents battery from overcharging
  • CE Safety Certification and UL Listed; Meets or exceeds OEM standards
  • Includes dual USB charger with USB cord; All items include 3-year manufacturer warranty



This Wasabi Power battery charger fully charges the Samsung EB-BC200 battery. 

Input: 5V, 2A 
Output: 4.4V, 750ma (x2) 

Chargers the following battery models: 

Compatible with the following camera models: 
Samsung Gear 360 
Samsung SM-C200 
Samsung SM-C200NZWAXAC 
Samsung SM-C200NZWAXAR (US Model) 
Samsung MSIP-CMM-SEC-SMC200 (International Version)

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