Kodak LB-012, KLIC-7006 Charger by Wasabi Power

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This Wasabi Power battery charger replaces the Kodak charger for the Kodak KLIC-7006 battery.

Compatible with the following Kodak models:
Easyshare FZ53

Easyshare M22

Easyshare M23

Easyshare M200

Easyshare M522

Easyshare M530

Easyshare M531

Easyshare M532

Easyshare M550

Easyshare M552

Easyshare M575

Easyshare M577

Easyshare M580

Easyshare M583

Easyshare M750

Easyshare M873

Easyshare M883

Easyshare M5350

Easyshare M5370

Easyshare MD30

Easyshare Mini

Easyshare Touch

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