Nikon EN-EL18 Battery by Wasabi Power

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The Wasabi Power ENEL18 battery replaces the Nikon EN-EL18 battery pack. This battery features 2800mAh which provides a longer run-time between charges. It is made with Premium Grade-A cells to provide maximum battery life and also comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Additionally, the Wasabi Power ENEL18 is completely compatible with all Nikon original equipment including the charger and camera.

Compatible with the following models:

Nikon D4

Nikon D4S

Nikon D5

NIkon D6

Nikon D500 (with adapters/grips)

Nikon D850 (with adapters/grips)

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Luis Francisco de Andres Laa
Awesome profuct and awesome customer service

I ordered a couple od batteries for my D850 grip and awesome it gives you the 9fps and a long term extra battery. One of them didn't work and I contacted the customer service and the sent me anotherone right away. Love it!!!!

Benny Ricardo
Over above and beyond

So impressive that when I notified Wasabi Power that my battery I purchased for my Nikon camera…from Wasabi…was not holding a charge. Wasabi Power responded immediately…apologizing profusely and telling me that they were immediately sending me another one. How great is that? These guys are awesome…buy, buy, buy with confidence that they stand behind their sales with immediate response and replacement.

RJ Cichocki
Warranty exchange battery fails

Bought two of these Wasabi batteries for my Nikon D860 grip. Half way into the first year they both fail within 5mins. Wasabi sent out two replacements and one works and the second failed today. Battery error, locking the camera until the battery is removed before the internal is recognized. I just can’t trust these batteries in the field. I ordered a Nikon battery.

Frank Ferguson
Excellent client service!!

A while back I purchased a battery and charger for my D850. There were problems with the battery so I contacted Wasabi and they quickly shipped a replacement. I wasn’t able to test the second battery for a while but when I did, I found that second battery suffered from the same issue. I again contacted Wasabi to advise them of the issue. Again, I was quickly shipped a replacement, without question. The replacement works as it should and I can’t say enough good things about communication and client service from Wasabi. Thanks so much!!

Christopher Aziz
Battery failed

Difficult to charge the battery to 100%. Put it in my D850. It almost immediately goes to 93%.. If I pitch the D850 forward sharply the battery disconnects.. I'm frustrated.. I have a handful of wasabi batteries. I inherited from different purchases that work fine. None of them show any of these problems. I buy two new, one bricks at the first recharge, and the replacement for the failed one they send me is a turkey that fails as described. I give up..

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