Olympus LI-40B, LI-42B Battery by Wasabi Power

Olympus LI-40B, LI-42B Battery by Wasabi Power

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Tough TG-320This battery replaces the Olympus original LI-40B or LI-42B model battery.

Compatible with:

Olympus D-630

Olympus D-720

Olympus D-725

Olympus FE-150

Olympus FE-160

Olympus FE-190

Olympus FE-20

Olympus FE-220

Olympus FE-230

Olympus FE-240

Olympus FE-250

Olympus FE-280

Olympus FE-290

Olympus FE-300

Olympus FE-3000

Olympus FE-3010

Olympus FE-320

Olympus FE-330

Olympus FE-340

Olympus FE-350

Olympus FE-360

Olympus FE-4000

Olympus FE-4010

Olympus FE-4030

Olympus FE-4050

Olympus FE-5000

Olympus FE-5010

Olympus FE-5020

Olympus FE-5030

Olympus FE-5035

Olympus FE-5050

Olympus FE-5500

Olympus IR-300

Olympus VG-165

Olympus VG-180

Olympus VH-210

Olympus VR-310

Olympus VR-320

Olympus VR-325

Olympus VR-330

Olympus X-560WP

Olympus X-600

Olympus X-730

Olympus X-785

Olympus X-790

Olympus X-795

Olympus X-800

Olympus X-835

Olympus X-845

Olympus X-855

Olympus X-875

Stylus 1040

Stylus 1050SW

Stylus 1200

Stylus 5010

Stylus 550WP

Stylus 700

Stylus 7000

Stylus 7010

Stylus 7030

Stylus 7040

Stylus 710

Stylus 720SW

Stylus 725SW

Stylus 730

Stylus 740

Stylus 750

Stylus 760

Stylus 770SW

Stylus 780

Stylus 790SW

Stylus 820

Stylus 830

Stylus 840

Stylus 850SW

Tough 3000

Tough TG-310

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