Canon LP-E6, LP-E6N Battery (2-Pack) by Wasabi Power

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villivalam sridhar sridhar
Yet to receive the product

Dear sir
I am yet to receive the product

Earl J_MauiBoy
As advertised

Ordered with other batteries for my T4i... they arrived fully charged or easily topped off...
Not so much for these LP-E6 batteries, they both had to be placed on a charger to get them fully charged - one of them overnight... not sure if this was just a fluke or IF that was the normal delivery intent.

Not very satisfied with the delivery process; I expected fully charged or easily topped-off batteries... then again, I haven't ordered new Wasabi batteries in quite a while since they last so long without problems.
A simple disappointment that I would not expect from Wasabi.
I'll get over it.
* * *
I still recommend these batteries for Canon cameras.

Julius Kovatch
Better than the original battery.

The fully charged genuine Canon Battery after 3 months of just storing it in my camera bag showed 78% charge while the Wasabi charged at the same time and left in the same camera bag showed 100% !!!!
So much for the genuine battery for $78 vs the Wasabi for $10
And the charge lasts about as long as the genuine Canon.

Wilbur Nelson
Kick Ass

Outstanding — and they actually ship to Alaska.

John Chan

Very fast response, batteries are performing very nicely, thanks!

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