About Us

Wasabi Power is a family brand that started out of Claremont, California in 2007. Originally known as Blue Nook, we've been selling camera batteries since 2001 to all levels of photographers. Shipping from a spare room near the kitchen, and driving each day to the post office, our small operation began offering replacement camera batteries directly to customers all over the country.


Our Promise

Quality Products, Competitive Prices, Outstanding Customer Service

Though our shipping volume and office space has increased, our standards today are the same as when we started -- offer a great product at a low price with excellent customer service. It’s this commitment to excellence and completely satisfied customers that our fans have grown to love.

Our Practice

Free Standard Shipping & Ship Same-Day (Mon-Fri) for all US Orders

We lead the industry with a 3-year warranty on most items. That's because we stand behind each product and make the changes our customers want to see. And we are thankful for the honest and trustworthy reviews that have helped us improve and grow.

Our Products

    30-day return policy, 90-day replacement, 3-year warranty

      Today, Wasabi Power batteries ship all over the globe to families, professionals, teachers and local camera shops. And with the partnership of Amazon Prime, you can get your order delivered as soon as you’d like.

      We are thankful for all our customers and fans -- small and large, new and repeat.

      If you ever have any questions, please contact us directly. We really do care.

      Phone: (877) 268-1235
      Local: (909) 599-8989
      Email: info@wasabipower.com
      Address: 2713 N Towne Ave Ste A, Pomona, CA 91767

      Marc & Kim, Terry, Garry, Erick, Max


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