Wasabi Power FAQs


My product seems defective. What is the warranty?

It's 3 years on most products. Click here for more information >> www.wasabipower.com/warranty


Can I buy in bulk and get a wholesale discount?

Maybe. Click here for more information >> www.wasabipower.com/wholesale


Can you ship internationally to my country?

If you're looking for a larger order, please contact us or use the wholesale link above.

Most products from can be shipped internationally in limited quantities. Please place the items in your cart and follow the checkout to see the shipping prices.

For faster or local shipping options, search our Wasabi Power Locations or check various eBay websites near you.


What is mAh? What's the difference between batteries?

Milli ampere hours (mAh) is a unit of electric charge measuring steady current. The different values of mAh state how long the battery will last when fully charged. The higher the mAh, the longer your camera’s battery will last until you have to charge it again. The physical size and dimensions of the battery remain unchanged and higher mAh ratings will not harm your equipment.


Can I be updated with new product releases?

Please use the search function to find a battery. You can also contact us to see if the product you are looking for is available or coming soon. Also feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay connected.


Anything else?

Write to us at info@wasabipower.com or call 877-268-1235 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).