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Wasabi Power Battery Charger for Casio NP-40, NP-40DBA, NP-40DCA, BC-30L, BC-30LDCA

  • $13.99

This battery charger replaces the Casio original BC-30L family model charger for the Casio NP-40 battery. Package includes: One ultra slim, lightweight battery charger and one DC Car Plug Adapter.

Compatible with the following Casio Exilim models:
Pro EX-P505
Pro EX-P600
Pro EX-P700
Zoom EX-Z30
Zoom EX-Z40
Zoom EX-Z50
Zoom EX-Z55
Zoom EX-Z57
Zoom EX-Z100
Zoom EX-Z200
Zoom EX-Z300
Zoom EX-Z450
Zoom EX-Z500
Zoom EX-Z600
Zoom EX-Z650
Zoom EX-Z700
Zoom EX-Z750
Zoom EX-Z850
Zoom EX-Z1000
Zoom EX-Z1050
Zoom EX-Z1080
Zoom EX-Z1200

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