Panasonic CGR-D08, CGR-D14, CGR-D16, CGR-D28, CGR-D210, CGR-D220, CGR-D320 Charger by Wasabi Power

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This battery charger replaces the Panasonic original charger for the CGR-D08, D16, D28, D53, D120, D220, and D320 battery pack. Package includes: One ultra slim, lightweight battery charger, one DC Car Plug Adapter. Compatible with the Panasonic AG-DV1, AG-DVC7, AG-DVC15, AG-DVC30, AG-DVC32, AG-DVC60, AG-DVC62, AG-DVC80, AG-DVX100, AG-DVX102, AG-DVX1000, AG-EZ50U, AG-HVX200, AJ-PCS060G, DZ-MX5000, NV-C1, NV-C2, NV-C3, NV-C5, NV-C7, NV-D89, NV-DA1, NV-DB1, NV-DS3, NV-DS7, NV-DS8, NV-DS9, NV-DS11, NV-DS12, NV-DS15, NV-DS25, NV-DS27, NV-DS28, NV-DS29, NV-DS30, NV-DS33, NV-DS35, NV-DS37, NV-DS38, NV-DS50, NV-DS55, NV-DS60, NV-DS65, NV-DS68, NV-DS77, NV-DS80, NV-DS88, NV-DS89, NV-DS99, NV-DS150, NV-DS200, NV-DS990, NV-EX1, NV-EX3, NV-EX21, NV-GS1, NV-GS3, NV-GS4, NV-GS5, NV-GS7, NV-GS11, NV-GS15, NV-GS33, NV-GX7, NV-M20, NV-MD9000, NV-MG3, NV-MX1, NV-MX2, NV-MX300, NV-MX1000, NV-MX2000, NV-MX2500, NV-MX3000, PV-DC152, PV-DC252, PV-DV52, PV-DV53, PV-DV73, PV-DV102, PV-DV103, PV-DV203, PV-DV800, PV-DV900, PV-GS2, PV-GS9, PV-GS12, PV-GS14, PV-GS15, PV-VM202, VDR-M20

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