JVC BN-VG138 Battery by Wasabi Power

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This Wasabi Power battery replaces the JVC BN-VG138 battery pack. This high-capacity battery provides a longer run-time between charges. It is made with premium Japanese cells to provide maximum battery life and also comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Additionally, the Wasabi Power battery is completely compatible with all JVC original equipment including the charger and camera.

Compatible with the following JVC models:
Everio GZ-E10
Everio GZ-E100
Everio GZ-E200
Everio GZ-E300
Everio GZ-E505
Everio GZ-EX210
Everio GZ-EX215
Everio GZ-EX250
Everio GZ-EX310
Everio GZ-EX355
Everio GZ-EX515
Everio GZ-EX555
Everio GZ-GX1
Everio GZ-HD500
Everio GZ-HD520
Everio GZ-HD620
Everio GZ-HM30
Everio GZ-HM50
Everio GZ-HM300
Everio GZ-HM320
Everio GZ-HM340
Everio GZ-HM440
Everio GZ-HM450
Everio GZ-HM550
Everio GZ-HM650
Everio GZ-HM670
Everio GZ-HM690
Everio GZ-HM860
Everio GZ-HM960
Everio GZ-MG750
Everio GZ-MS110
Everio GZ-MS230
Everio GZ-MS250

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