Nikon EN-EL18 Battery by Wasabi Power

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The Wasabi Power ENEL18 battery replaces the Nikon EN-EL18 battery pack. This battery features 2800mAh which provides a longer run-time between charges. It is made with Premium Grade-A cells to provide maximum battery life and also comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Additionally, the Wasabi Power ENEL18 is completely compatible with all Nikon original equipment including the charger and camera.

Compatible with the following models:

Nikon D4

Nikon D4S

Nikon D5

NIkon D6

Nikon D850 (with adapters/grips)

Customer Reviews

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Joseph C Parisi
It just works

Plugged the battery in, charged quickly, has been working well and holding a charge.

Excellent custome service and product.

I purchased a battery for my D 5 Nikon. Since I didn't need it right away I put it away,Going on a trip I charged the battery it would not charge When I got back I called customer service. The guy was extremely helpful and had one shipped right away . This is the third battery that I have purchased two previous for my D3 Nikon. Price is fair the customer service and product excellent.

Keith Willis
Thumbs up for me Gene

After having a little hicccup with my first order, Wasabi Power came back and hit a home run. There service in fixing the issue was 1st class and timed just perfect as I had an important photo shoot to do. Thank you for your help and positive solution

Warranty Replacement of EN-EL18 Battery

I had a Wasabi EN-EL18 battery fail during a photo workshop. Upon return, I contacted customer service about replacement options. They provided a form to fill and with that and the sales receipt, they delivered a new battery at no charge within a week. I already used the new battery at an event last weekend. Great customer service - Thank you!!

Yasha Karant
NOT a true EN-EL18, a, b, or c

The Wasabi Nikon EN-EL18 is advertised as a replacement (clone)
for a Nikon EN-EL18, EN-EL18a, EN-EL18b, EN-EL18c Battery (2-Pack) by Wasabi Power. It is NOT. A Nikon OEM EN-EL18c works in a Nikon Z9 body and also charges in the Nikon MH-33 charger (the only Nikon charger that will charge a Nikon EN-EL18d). In fact, the Wasabi EN-EL18 is not a clone of the original (pre - a) Nikon EN-EL18 as that battery will work in a Nikon Z9 (but will not charge in a Nikon MH-33). The Wasabi EN-EL18 does work in a gripped D800, D810, D850, and D5. It is NOT a true EN-EL18 as I discovered the hard way. Wasabi had advertised the Wasabi EN-EL18 on the Wasabi Amazon site as working in a Z9 but clearly without testing this claim; after Wasabi was informed that the Wasabi EN-EL18 failed in the Z9, Wasabi modified the Wasabi Amazon site to reflect this fact and removed the Z9.

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