Nikon EN-EL18d Battery by Wasabi Power

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The Wasabi Power ENEL18D battery replaces the Nikon EN-EL18d battery pack. This battery features 3350mAh which provides a longer run-time between charges. It is made with Premium Grade-A cells to provide maximum battery life and also comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

The Wasabi Power ENEL18D is compatible with the Nikon MH-26 or Nikon MH-33 charger as well as the Wasabi Power LCH-DC-ENEL18 charger

Compatible with the following models:

Nikon Z9

Nikon D4

Nikon D4S

Nikon D5

NIkon D6

Nikon D500 (with adapters/grips)

Nikon D850 (with adapters/grips)

Can be charged with:

Nikon MH-26 / MH26

Nikon MH-33 / MH33

Wasabi Power LCH-DC-ENEL18

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Gonzalo Pimentel
Always the best off-brand

Have been using Wasabi Power batteries for my Nikon D80 for many years and currently using them as well for my Nikon Z9 with no issues whatsoever. Honestly I cannot tell much of a difference with the OEM batteries, other than the significantly lower cost of course.

Chris Baude
Works as well as OEM - review done after ~6 months

Excellent additional battery for my Z9 when on the go or long assignment. Works as long as the OEM... not really longer. I'm using the Wasabi dual charger. I do have a fit issue of the OEM into the Wasabi charger, but I was told the newer charger fixed the fit problem. So beware of the claim.

Romeo Guzman
Excellent customer service

Purchased 2 EN-EL18d batteries and one would not charge to 100% was replace under warranty. Very happy with these batteries works great in my Z9

Great Deal!

These batteries are great and cost a fraction of what the camera manufacture charges for the same thing! Love Them!

william lax
wasabi provides power at a reasonable cost

the EN EL 18d battery from wasabi lasts as long as the nikon battery for my Z9 at a greatly reduced price. Bueno!

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