Olympus BLX-1 USB-C Dual Battery Charger by Wasabi Power

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This Wasabi Power BLX1 dual USB battery charger works with the Olympus BLX-1 battery and the Olympus OM SYSTEM OM-1. All items meet or exceed OEM standards and come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Charges: Olympus BLX-1

Replaces: Olympus BCX-1

Power Input: USB-C or micro-USB

Compatible with:

Olympus OM SYSTEM OM-1

Customer Reviews

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This was a replacement for a charger that didn’t work properly. The replacement worked, and staff was polite.

walter joseph

OM Systems batteries have a chip in it, so Wasabi chargers don't work properly. Otherwise its a decent unit. I uses a USB C connector, but no block to plug into. Given OM Systems price for a charger, its hard for me to justify buying a OEM charger. The Wasabi baetteries seem to be holding up.

David Downs
It works, but I have some concerns

I'm a little concerned that it only has two contacts and doesn't monitor the battery temperature. The product info says that it meets or exceeds OEM specs, but clearly it does not do everything the OEM charger does. I don't know how important that is for longevity or safety. I charged an OM-1 battery in it until the LED indicated fully charged. When I then put the battery in the camera and connected the USB cord, it continued charging for a few minutes. I guess this indicates at least that it doesn't overcharge the battery, so I guess that's good.


Is the charger suitable for 220V voltage, for the electrical grid in Israel?

Nick Hill
BLX-1 charger

Great little charger, fast and efficient, light and easy to travel with.

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