Wasabi Power Single Battery Charger Instructions

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If you need instructions for your Wasabi Power single battery charger, this article is here to help! (Model-LCH)

Our Wasabi Power single battery chargers have the US plug folded into the design to reduce space when not in use. Simply pull out the plug, and plug it into an outlet. The Wasabi Power single battery chargers also include a car charging adapter, and European plug adapter for your time of need.

When plugged in, the Wasabi Power single battery charger should illuminate a solid green color. This will indicate power is being delivered to the charger.

When a battery is inserted into the Wasabi Power single battery charger, the light should change from GREEN to RED indicating that the battery is charging.

Once the battery is completely charged, the light should change from RED to GREEN.

If you do not see the light changing colors when you connect your battery please make sure the contacts are lined up properly on your battery and the charger itself. Always ensure the positive ( + ) charging contact is connected to the positive terminal on the battery.

If the charger is plugged in and does not show any lights, the unit itself may be defective. Please contact us for a replacement if this is the case.


Some other general questions we have about our single battery charger:

Q: How long does it take to charge my Wasabi Power battery?

A: This is a slightly complicated question to answer as every battery has a different capacity. We tested our NB-2L (1700mAh capacity) battery and it went from zero percent to one hundred percent in about one hour and forty minutes. This equates to about 1000mAh per hour.

If your battery has less than 2000mAh capacity, you can expect it to be fully charged from zero in about 2 hours.

If your battery has 3000mAh capacity, you can expect it to be fully charged from zero in about 3 hours. 


Q: Does the Wasabi Power charger have overheating protection?

A: Yes, our chargers are equipped with overheating protection.


Q: Does the Wasabi Power charger have overcharge protection?

A: Yes, our Wasabi Power chargers have overcharge protection. Once the battery reaches a certain capacity, the charger will enter a trickle charge for the battery.


Q: I already own a Wasabi Power charger, can I swap the face plate to charge a different battery on the same base? Do you sell face plates separate?

A: Yes and no. This one is slightly tricky to answer. While most of the face plates are interchangeable with the base charger there are a few things you must keep in mind. Some chargers are 4.0v while others are 8.0v. If you are going to switch plates we stress that you ensure the voltage is the same. Additionally, we do not sell our face plates individually. Other companies have plates available. The most important thing to keep in mind is the voltage. Please do this at your own risk.


Q: Can I leave my Wasabi Power battery charging overnight?

A: While you can leave your battery charging overnight, we recommend for the quality and safety of your product, you do not. As previously mentioned, our chargers do have trickle charging to make sure the battery is safe unattended. However, we always prefer to take the batteries off once they are done charging. 

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