Charger Instructions: Flat Dual USB Charger (LCH-FC)

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Below are the steps to make sure your Wasabi Power charger is working as intended. If you have any problems, please contact us so that we can help troubleshoot or replace any defective units. All our chargers include a 3-year warranty.


STEP 1: Connect charger to USB power source

When the dual charger is plugged into a USB power source, the lights should both be green.

NOTE: Most of the flat chargers have been updated to use USB-C input, though some models still use micro-USB.

PROBLEM: If you do not see two green lights, or the lights are alternating red and green, this indicates a problem with the power source or charger.

  1. Ensure the USB source you are connected to is providing enough power. At least 2.1A is recommended for charging two batteries. A computer USB port is insufficient. Try to plug it into a PD power bank or wall outlet adapter.
  2. It’s possible the USB cable is broken. Try using a different cable or contact us for a replacement.
  3. If the lights are still not both green, the unit itself may be defective. Please contact us for your warranty replacement.


STEP 2: Insert one battery into charger

When one battery is connected, the light should be red, indicating that the battery is charging. If the light stays green, then the battery is fully charged.

NOTE: The empty port will continue to be green.


STEP 3: Insert second battery into charger

When two batteries are connected, both lights should be red indicating that both batteries are charging. Once one battery is complete, the respective LED will turn green.

NOTE: Both batteries will be charged simultaneously and will be sharing the input power. If you have a low power source (under 1.5A), it may be faster to charge one battery at a time.


STEP 4: Charging is complete


Q: How long does it take to charge my Wasabi Power battery?

A: This is a slightly complicated question to answer because each battery has a different capacity and different power sources can output different amounts of power. When the charger has enough power input, the power output is about 700mAh per hour.

If your battery has less than 1400mAh capacity, you can expect it to be fully charged from zero in about 2 hours.

If your battery has 2100mAh capacity, you can expect it to be fully charged from zero in about 3 hours. 


Q: Does the Wasabi Power charger have overheating protection?

A: Yes, our chargers are equipped with overheating protection.


Q: Does the Wasabi Power charger have overcharge protection?

A: Yes, our Wasabi Power chargers have overcharge protection. Once the battery reaches a certain capacity, the charger will enter a trickle charge for the battery.


Q: Can I leave my Wasabi Power battery charging overnight?

A: While you can leave your battery charging overnight, we recommend for the quality and safety of your product, you do not. As previously mentioned, our chargers do have trickle charging to make sure the battery is safe unattended. However, we always prefer to take the batteries off once they are done charging.


Q: What type of USB Cable does the dual flat charger use?

A: The dual flat charger uses either a USB-C cable, or a Micro USB cable. Most of the dual flat chargers have been upgraded and include a USB-C cable, however some models still use Micro-USB.


Q: Why is the charger so slow?

This may be due to the power source you are plugged in to. The charger may work slowly if you plug the USB cable to an insufficient power source, like certain USB ports on a computer, older power bricks, and so on.


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